Engaging Methuen Readers

National Library Week April 12-18, 2015


Unlimited Possibilities @ the Nevins Memorial Library

Let us pause for a moment in our busy lives to appreciate the wonder of our public libraries.  People speculate about whether libraries are becoming antiquated in this digital revolution we are in.  The idea of borrowing items for free in our capitalist society may seem outdated, but isn’t it wonderful?  Where else can you use leisure and academic books, DVDs, games, computers/internet, databases like Consumer Reports and, study and meeting space, literacy tutoring, readers’ advisory service and attend educational or fun programs for free where you would pay elsewhere for these services and goods?

A library is not a luxury but one of the necessities of life.

— Henry Ward BEECHER


2 thoughts on “National Library Week April 12-18, 2015

  1. I read daily. could not imagine a day without reading. 90% of my reading is library books. I would not read as much if i were not able to borrow books from the library.

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  2. Right? My library is my savior, for being a teenager doesn’t bring in much money, so getting books for FREE is amazing!!!


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