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NML Book Spine Poetry

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April is National Poetry Month and it being the last day of April, we wanted to have fun with it so we present to you three book spine poems our staff created.

In book spine poetry, a free verse poem is formed by selecting and stacking book titles together in a fun and creative way.
NML book spine poetry  Waking Up

 Robots, Androids and Animatrons

  Get Out, Explore, and Have Fun!

  Just in Case

  The Whole World Over

  Thinking for a Change


                                                                                                        Every Day

                                                                          The Heart Does Not Grow

                                                                                                           Half Bad


195  Bad Faith

  Beautiful Madness

  One Hundred Victories

  A Good Place to Hide


For more fun book spine poems, check out these entries on the Paul Sawyier Public Library’s (Frankfort, KY) pinterest page.


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