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A.D. 30 by Ted Dekker

A.D.30 by Ted Dekker

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A.D. 30 is a historical novel that captivated me from the moment I read the first page. It is engaging and intriguing. It has plenty of action and the characters are presented in such a vivid way that you feel their pain as well as their joy. The story is told in a first person point of view of a Bedouin slave called Maviah. Her story is that of an unwanted woman living in a culture where she should have no power and no voice. Maviah is sent to the city of Sepphoris to try to  bargain a deal with King Herod so her people might be freed from an enemy tribe. She begins her journey full of hatred and sadness. Judah, one of her companions on the journey, wishes to see Yeshua (Jesus), a man whom he believes is the Messiah. When Maviah herself crosses paths with Yeshua, her life is turned completely upside down.

 This is just a great novel! I cannot wait for A.D. 33 to come out.


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