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Picture Books for Children’s Book Week

Picture books are a great way for you to get your child engaged in literacy from an early age. When exposed to books from a young age, children are more likely to enjoy reading later on. Reading will be associated with familial bonds, compassion, and love. So come by the library for Children’s Book Week, May 4-10, and pick up a new picture book or an old classic.

Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson was one of my favorites as a kid and is still a big hit in storytimes that I run now. A little boy just has a purple crayon and his imagination. The world that he creates from his own mind reflects ours, but with a beautiful simplicity.

Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends is another great choice to bring home. These collected poems are accompanied by black and white sketches that a child could easily try to replicate. The poems are silly, and great for sounding out new and interesting words to improve reading skills.

If we’re going to talk about tongue twisters, then Dr. Seuss must come up. The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham, as well as any Dr. Seuss book really, are tried and true. The nonsensical words will make kids laugh out loud at the silliness, all while providing some type of lesson in the end, whether it be a caution against strangers like the famous cat or advocating trying new things even if they don’t seem appealing.

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