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Unleash Your Creativity! with Sharon Morley

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My name is Sharon Morley and I am a visual artist. Please join me for a program as I talk about the creative process, what led to finding my passion, and encourage you to find yours on May 12th at 7:00 PM here at Nevins Library Garden Room.  I will share my artwork and my resources with you!  Click here to register.

One of the books I highly recommend is “Color and Light” by James Gurney.  During the above mentioned program, I will be recommending other books, websites and some marketing techniques that I have found helpful.

“Color and Light:  A Guide for the Realist Painter” by James Gurney, author of Dinotopia,  is by far one of my favorite “go-to” books as an artist.   I wish I had this book from the beginning of my art career but glad that I found it now.  James Gurney explains color and light for the representational artist in a clear and concise manner.  The illustrations are incredible and the information is spot on.  It is one book that you can look to for great information and inspiration!


One thought on “Unleash Your Creativity! with Sharon Morley

  1. This program has been postponed. Please check back for the new date.


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