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Book Review: “Scott Pilgrim” by Bryan Lee O’Malley

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This book review is contributed by Megan, one of our Library Pages… Scott Pilgrim is a six-part graphic novel saga about a Canadian slacker extraordinaire of the same name by writer and artist Bryan Lee O’Malley. Like a lot of other twenty somethings, Scott is unemployed and not quite sure what to do with his life. He’s the bass player in a mediocre band, and lives with Wallace Wells, a gay man who also gets most of the best lines in the whole series. However, things start to change for him when he meets a mysterious American girl named Ramona Flowers and immediately becomes infatuated with her. Unfortunately for Scott, she comes with some baggage in the form of seven evil exes whom he must defeat if he wishes to pursue a relationship with her. My rating for this series is five stars. The art is unique and the characters both hilarious and immensely relatable. Scott Pilgrim is not extraordinary, he’s lazy and has trouble dealing with responsibilities, and because of that a story that can seem fantastical at times stays grounded somewhat in reality. I’d recommend this story for anyone who is transitioning into adulthood, as they could probably find a great deal to relate to. Also it’s one of the most quotable books I’ve read, so that’s certainly a plus.

scott pilgrimscottpilgrimdvd

Thank you Megan.  Scott Pilgrim is indeed an awesome series and a cool movie too!

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