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A Perfectly Messed-Up Story by Patrick McDonnell

Book Review: A Perfectly Messed-Up Story

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While it’s no surprise coming from bestselling author and artist Patrick McDonnell, A Perfectly Messed-Up Story is an endearing picture book that should be shared with your child. Many lists of the top books of the year come out periodically, from various reliable and unreliable sources. Oftentimes I am disappointed by the quality of those books, but that was certainly not the case here with the story of Louie. We find our main character skipping through a field singing merrily. That is cut short very quickly when he finds that a reader has dropped a glob of jelly on his story! Then comes the peanut butter. Fingerprints. Orange juice?! He is dumbfounded at how his book could be disrespected in this way and, as the mess gets worse, proceeds to have a bit of a breakdown over it. In the end though, Louie realizes that even with a mess all over it his story is great because it is his. The moral of this story accompanied by adorable cartoons will be loved by you and your child alike. Check out A Perfectly Messed-Up Story today!


Author: Ashley

I am an aspiring librarian who loves traveling, reading, hula hooping, and going on amazing adventures when I am not in the Children's Room.

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