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Arctic Exploration

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With the winter we’ve had, is it masochistic to be reading tales of Arctic exploration? Or is it a positive thing, forcing me to realize that no matter how much snow I shoveled I still didn’t come close to facing the hardships endured by these incredible men? Either way, In The Kingdom of Ice, the account of George Washington De Long’s doomed 19th century expedition to the North Pole, is fascinating reading. If you’re craving still more Arctic chill, try Jennifer Niven’s The Ice Master: The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk.

And, now that the heat of summer is upon us, how about River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey by Candace Millard? This account of Roosevelt’s expedition down the Amazon reminds us that the Arctic explorers don’t have a monopoly on suffering. There’s plenty of misery to be had in the steaming and treacherous jungle.


One thought on “Arctic Exploration

  1. These sound like great adventures ….I love this kind of stuff. Have already put the kingdom of Ice on hold.


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