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What is Your Dog Thinking?

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Well if it’s my dog, Daisy Mae, it’s probably food.  That delectable morsel in the street gutter, the unattended cake on the table, the spilled take-out remnants on the sidewalk that look like barf…

But really, what IS your dog thinking and trying to tell you?  Join Tracie Laliberte at the Nevins Memorial Library on July 22 @ 7:00 PM  to learn how every dog communicates using sounds and body language. Understanding the human translation of these messages enables you to “read” strange dogs, enriches the relationship with your pet, and is useful for correcting problem behaviors in canine interactions. Best of all, you can communicate back! This program examines an array of doggy body signals as well as an index of pooch sounds and explains what they mean. It also shows you how this information can be used to outline any dog’s emotional state.  Click here to register

Here are a few titles at the library that can also help you to understand your pooch better:

How to Speak Dog:  mastering the art of dog-human communication and Why Does My Dog Act that Way?: A complete guide to your dog’s personality by Stanley Coren

The Possibility Dogs:  what a handful of  “unadoptables” taught me about service, hope and healing by Susannah Charleson

How to Raise the Perfect Dog:  through puppyhood and beyond by Cesar Millan

Through a Dog’s Eyes by Jennifer Arnold

The Hidden Life of Dogs by Elizabeth Marshall Thomas


Author: Tatjana

I am a Reference/Readers' Advisory Librarian who loves to visit new places, read (of course!), tea time, and any animal that reminds me of my dog.

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