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Ever think about giving Tai Chi a try?

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If you have ever been curious about the practice of Tai Chi, please think about coming to our free program on Tuesday, August 11 at 6:30pm:

Health and Longevity from the Mountain:

An Introduction to Wudang Style Tai Chi Chuan

This program is an introduction to the art of Wudang style Tai Chi and the Wudang Five Animals Qigong practice.  This program will include a lecture, demonstration, question and answer period as well as a short introductory group lesson.  The lecture will include a history of Wudang Mountain (in Hubei province, China) and its Taoist traditions and practices, the various types of martial arts practiced there, and the presenter’s experiences of incorporating Wudang Tai Chi and Qigong into their lives.  The physical health benefits of this practice will be discussed as well as the additional benefits of greater personal energy and power.

This program is presented by Paul and Rosalie DiCrescenzo, who have practiced martial arts since 1977 and have been training/teaching Chinese martial arts for the last 17 years.

To reserve your spot, please call the Main Desk at 978.686.4080.x16 or register online by clicking HERE.

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Editors Note:  Continue your Tai Chi experience by checking out these awesome books and DVDs:

Tai Chi for Health by Edward Maisel

Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi by Peter Wayne

Tai Chi: Beginning Practice with David-Dorian Ross [DVD]

A. M. and P.M. Tai Chi with David-Dorian Ross [DVD]




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