Engaging Methuen Readers

The Awesome Box is here!


Have you read something AWESOME lately that you want to share with others?

Stayed up too late reading because you just couldn’t put the book down?  When people talk to you while you’re reading, do they sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher, “waa, waah, wa, waa”?  Did your ice tea/coffee turn hot while you were engrossed in a book?  Looks like what you’ve got is an AWESOME book on your hands.

If you’re returning a book (or CD, DVD, graphic novel) to the Nevins Library that meets this description, please drop it in the special AWESOME BOX on the counter instead of the regular book drop and we’ll let others know how great it is.

We’ll have a special display of all the awesome items you picked out for others to check out and enjoy.

I know what you’re thinking…that’s AWESOME!


3 thoughts on “The Awesome Box is here!

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