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It’s International Read an E-Book Day!

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As we are all aware, books come in all sizes and shapes and now even in digital format. The e-book age is here and it is definitely changing the way libraries and readers enjoy the works of authors from all genres. Here at the Nevins library we are able to access e-books from a variety of sources. We offer books through the consortium partner Overdrive, and through our connection with the Statewide system, Commonwealth E-Collections. Both of these systems take advantage of apps and are very easy to use on tablets, kindles, phones and even desktop computers. Once you have set up the app on your device you can just visit the collection of your choice and download your books for reading offline or even just start reading anywhere there is a wi/fi connection. Easy peasy!!

While e-books may not be for everyone, they definitely are a boon to those who read large amounts and travel or even just want to cut down on the height of the stack on the bedside table. Give our e-books a try and, as always, we are here if you have any questions.

Contributed by Kirsten, NML Head of Reference Services

Featured Image Credit:  Tina Franklin


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