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cover of book: The Map Thief by Michael Blanding

Michael Blanding, Author of “The Map Thief” @ NML!

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The Nevins Memorial Library presents:

an evening with Michael Blanding, author of the “The Map Thief“:

The gripping story of an esteemed rare-map dealer who made millions stealing priceless maps

September 24, 2015 @7pm

“[Blanding’s] book is as much a riveting true-crime tale as it is a fascinating peek inside the little-seen world of mapmaking and collecting.”  –BookList Reviews

“Blanding’s most moving passages commemorate those who helped build and, bit by bit, envisage the world as we know it.”  — The Wall Street Journal

Maps have long elicited a special fascination–both as practical tools and as beautiful works of art. But to collectors the map trade can be cutthroat, with quirky and sometimes disreputable characters in search of a finite number of extremely rare objects. This is the story of antiquarian map dealder E. Forbes Smiley, who for years doubled as a map thief until he was finally arrested for slipping maps out of books in the Yale University library.

Author Michael Blanding will speak about “The Map Thief,”  followed by a question and answer session, and then he will sign and sell books.  Click here to register



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