Engaging Methuen Readers

For Teens: TAG

I’d like to take a few minutes today to talk to you about Teen Advisory Groups. A Teen Advisory Group might sound like something daunting, but really it’s nothing so extreme! We wind up shortening it to TAG after all. What’s so intimidating about that? Teen Advisory Groups have been helping libraries across the country to create better services and collections for teens and we’re looking to have that happen right here at Nevins Library! The idea is to get local teens who may already be interested in the library to invest some of their time and effort to make something even better. We want to make the teen services at Nevins something that is both helpful and interesting to the local teens. What better way to do that than to ask directly?

Each month the TAG will meet on the fourth Thursday to discuss what we can do to make the library more teen friendly. A meeting might consist of sharing suggestions of what books to order for the teen collection, brainstorming ideas to make more teens aware of what’s going on at the library for them, or creating new programming that teen volunteers can help implement.

If you or someone you know is in high school and is interested in joining the Teen Advisory Group then please join us for our first meeting on Thursday, September 24th at 7pm. We’ll meet for an hour, eat some pizza and figure out how we can make the Nevins Library even better for teens. If you can, please pick up an application for the TAG at the main desk of the library. Otherwise there will be copies available at the first meeting. While we plan to have fun and do great things, this is a commitment that should be taken seriously. Attending the monthly meeting is important to make things happen.

TAG is a great opportunity to get involved in the community, volunteer your time, and have fun with other teens who care about the library. Hope to see you there!


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