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My Real Children

A Path Diverged…


It’s 2015 and the nurses’ note clipped to her bed says that Patricia Cowan is “confused today”.  It is true that Patricia is very old and sometimes she remembers having four children by her husband Mark, but also, she distinctly remembers raising three children with her partner, Bee.  In My Real Children, author Jo Walton asks what if you could travel down both of Frost’s paths diverged in a wood?   A splitting apart of lives from one pivotal point so that two lives are lived in two parallel worlds?   Alternatively, the loves, losses, triumphs and sorrows of Patricia’s two lives are explored against a changing backdrop of world events.   Very interesting, speculative fiction, securely anchored in the understanding of human relationships.  For fans of Kate Atkinson’s terrific best seller, Life After Life, and other alternative histories mirroring our own society.


Author: Tatjana

I am a Reference/Readers' Advisory Librarian who loves to visit new places, read (of course!), tea time, and any animal that reminds me of my dog.

2 thoughts on “A Path Diverged…

  1. Thank you for reminding me to read Life after Life at some point. What’s shocking looking at it now on Amazon is that the paperback version is cheaper than the Kindle one. How do you explain that? Is that because Amazon is looking to get people interested in paperbacks again (remember they’re opening hundreds of bookstores)?


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