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NML Book Group: Romance

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October is National Reading Group Month.  In the spirit of  celebrating the joy of shared reading,  we’ll be posting info about the various book groups at the Nevins Library throughout this month.

In all romance novels the plot revolves around the love relationship and the inevitable happy ending but contrary to popular opinion, they are not all alike.  Romance novels may have any tone or style, be set in any location and time with varying levels of sensuality-ranging from sweet to scorching hot.  Not just boy meets girl, some even feature vampires, werewolves, and extraterrestrials.

Some of the sub-genres that will be discussed include action/adventure, historical (regency, medieval, highlander, Victorian, etc), fantasy/futuristic, suspense/thriller/mystery, paranormal, erotica, western, humorous and contemporary.

The Romance Book Club meets the 1st Tuesday of every month at 7:00 pm.  Copies of the tImage of itemitle for discussion are made available at the Circulation Desk a month prior to each meeting.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday November 3rd at 7pm and the book discussion will be on “Luckiest Lady in London” by Sherry Thomas.

New members are always welcome.  For more information and to register, contact Pat Graham at 978-686-4080 ext. 16 or


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