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NaNoWriMo ImageIn honor of National Novel Writing Month, aka, NaNoWriMo, Nevins Buzz will write a story during the month of November! Four of our contributors will pass around a story, which will post every Friday in November. (This is why we’re calling it NaNoFRIMo!) If you’re interested in National Novel Writing Month, you can participate, too! Tell us about your NaNo efforts and how your novel is progressing. Good luck!

Gerald hadn’t gotten rid of his magic wand, exactly. It just wasn’t terribly useful these days. And, truth be told, he wasn’t exactly sure where he’d last seen it. Knife drawer, maybe? Somewhere the kids couldn’t get at it. “Abby! Dana!” he hollered from the kitchen. He could feel the thick smell of burning eggs suffusing his sinuses and hurriedly flipped the contents of the pan. They hadn’t quite burned. “Get up! You’re going to school!”

A screeching whine pierced the eggy fog. Angie, high heels flashing and lipstick razor-edge perfect, strode past Gerald like the human embodiment of The Last Straw. Gerald watched her disappear into the girls’ room. The whine immediately escalated into a drawn-out shriek.

There’s a spell for this, Gerald thought moodily, dumping the eggs onto three plates. Would flambus marvillius have taken care of the wakeup blues? Or was that the spell for lighting five candles at once? As though in response to his thoughts, the smoke alarm added its voice to the cacophony of Gerald’s adorable children and loving wife as they pitched battle in the bedroom. Gerald fanned the ceiling with a tax return. A small, pink, sparkly sneaker sailed through the bedroom doorway, striking the opposite wall of the main hallway and knocking down a picture frame. “Stop throwing things!” he howled, grabbing the dustpan as the smoke alarm screeched on.  What a morning.

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4 thoughts on “NaNoFRIMo

  1. Are you doing any write-ins for NaNo this year?


  2. This year we are not hosting any write-ins for NaNo. It does look like Stevens Memorial in North Andover, Rockport, Hamilton-Wenham, Topsfield are some other libraries that are.


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