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A New Way to Tumble into Books to Read

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tumblr_logo_white_blue_32Here at Nevins we want to match the right book to the right person. Sometimes that means having a chat at one of the desks about what we’ve read recently. Sometimes it means that someone goes to our website and fills out the What Should I Read Next form, and we give you super personalized books that we think you’d love to read. Or sometimes it could be that you’ve read a review or seen an interesting book right here on this blog.

Today starts another adventure in recommending books. A bit of the Nevins Memorial Library on Tumblr called “A Book a Day…”

If you’ve never been to a Tumblr before it’s a cross between, Twitter where you only have 140 characters to write your message, and a blog platform such as WordPress where you can write hundreds or thousands of words. Complete sentences are welcome on Tumblr, but not required. Also, like on Twitter there are hashtags that you can click on and find others who have made posts on Tumblr on the same topic.

On “A Book a Day…” a new book will be posted (almost) every day. From Mystery/Thriller Monday to Comic Books Saturday (and Sometimes Sunday) hopefully there will be something for everyone.

There are multiple ways that you can follow along on “A Book a Day…”

If you have a Tumblr account feel free to follow us. We won’t inundate your dashboard too much, and will try to follow back too.

And, have no fear. You don’t have to be a Tumblr member to read the blog. If you use something like Feedly to keep track of the blogs you read you can “Add Content” and search for, or if there’s a search function in your RSS reader you can use that to follow us as well.

Or, like with any other website, you can bookmark us and when you need something new to read or watch, browse through the posts that have been made since your last visit.

Finally if you have any questions, or suggestions of books or any media that you’ve loved, feel free to send us a message using the “Suggest a Book or Ask the Librarian a Question” link on the right of the page. There is no such thing as too many books to read or too many movies to watch.

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