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Honoring our Veterans

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Let’s take a moment out of our busy lives to thank and honor our war veterans who risked their lives to protect our freedom.

Below you will find some recent non-fiction titles that reflect the sacrifice and service of our soldiers.

Soldier Girls:  the battles of three women at home and at war  by Helen Soldier GirlsThorpe

Soldier Girls follows the lives of three women over twelve years, on their paths to the military, overseas to combat, back home, then overseas again for two of them. We watch as they become friends, interact, and separate. Deeply reported and powerfully moving, their story is truly groundbreaking.

Charlie Mike:  a true story of heroes who brought their mission home by Joe Klein

Charlie MikeThe story of two decorated combat veterans linked by tragedy, who came home from the Middle East and found a new way to save their comrades and heal their country.  Greitens and Wood demonstrate how the skills of war can also provide a path to peace, personal satisfaction, and a more vigorous nation.

No Better Friend:  one man, one dog, and their extraordinary story of courage and survival in WWII by Robert WeintraubNo Better Friend

[T]ells the remarkable story of Royal Air Force technician Frank Williams and Judy, a purebred pointer, who met in an internment camp during WWII.  The dog became a beacon for the men, who saw in her survival a flicker of hope for their own.

For Love of Country:  what our veterans can teach us about citizenship, For Love of Countryheroism, and sacrifice by Howard Schultz and Rajiv Chandrasekaran

In a collection of compelling, original portraits, the authors celebrate the extraordinary heroism on the battlefield and the equally valuable contributions on the home front of this generation’s American veterans.

Military Mental Health Care: a guide for service members, veterans, families and community by Cheryl Lawhorne-Scott and Don PhilpotMilitary Mental Health Care

“Combat is one of life’s most significant traumatic events. And in a manual that is both thorough and tender, the authors provide a splendid service to veterans, their families, and the mental health professionals who compassionately care for them.” Booklist Reviews


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