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NaNoFriMo Week 2

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NaNoWriMo ImageIn honor of National Novel Writing Month, aka, NaNoWriMo, Nevins Buzz will write a story during the month of November! Four of our contributors will pass around a story, which will post every Friday in November. (This is why we’re calling it NaNoFRIMo!) If you’re interested in National Novel Writing Month, you can participate, too! Tell us about your NaNo efforts and how your novel is progressing. Good luck!

To read Part 1 of the story, click here

When Angie first suggested it years ago, the idea was so appealing: his own school. He could determine the curriculum, he wouldn’t allow for the degradation of core principles that occurred at the Academy to undermine his mission. He would admit only the most pure of heart, he would teach only positive, affirming enchantments.

He had been touched by her faith in him, the gleam in her eye as she described her vision—their vision—of what the new school could be. Having graduated with top honors, having defeated the Duke, his reputation secured, there was no stopping her. Them. Whatever.

Then the pregnancy.  Angie’s hospitalization early on for hyperemesis gravidarum, or “morning sickness on steroids,” then her months of bed rest. He tended to her round the clock, making sure that her health and the babies’ health was the top priority so that she could use the time to get work done and stay on top of the ceaseless phone calls and emails. Gerald was tempted more than once to employ supernatural means to keep her still and ensure the babies’ health, but Angie had been adamant that he keep magic out of the pregnancy.

When Abby and Dana were born, he was relieved: relieved that the long, stressful months of pregnancy were over. Relieved that they were healthy and as close to full term as could be expected with twins. Relieved that Angie would soon be back to work. He would never admit that aloud, of course, but her presence was…considerable.


Author: Kathleen

Reference Librarian and Literacy Program Coordinator. When not librarianing, I enjoy literary fiction, comedy, crafting, history, and politics.

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