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Official Lost and Found Day

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Around the holiday season we hear a lot about faith and goodwill towards others.  One form goodwill takes is returning lost items to their rightful owners.

Today, the second Friday of December, is Official Lost and Found Day.

Official Lost and Found Day is a day for renewed hope and belief that lost items should never be forgotten or abandoned to lost and found limbo.  Please take a moment on Official Lost and Found Day to make one more effort, one more leap of faith, that what you’ve lost isn’t gone, it’s just not conveniently handy.  Reach out, make a call, stop by the office, retrace your steps.  What was lost can be found.  It’s up to you.

From the official website of Lost and Found Day

 “What was lost can be found” can also be applied to the spiritual realm or to an errant part of one’s life, and this I find is a most beautiful and forgiving thought.

Since we are a Readers’ Advisory blog, we are of course going to connect this thought with books that have lost and found in the title and/or theme.

 Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item

Lost & Found by Brooke Davis (YA Fiction)
Follows a shared encounter between an abandoned 7-year-old, a widowed shut-in and a nursing home escapee, who embark on a road trip across Western Australia to find the child’s mother.

Lost and Found by Carolyn Parkhurst (Fiction)
Presents the stories of various participants in a television reality show, Lost and found.

Lost and Found by Shaun Tan (Picture book for all ages)
Three stories explore how we lose and find what matters most to us, as a girl finds a bright spot in a dark world, a boy leads a strange, lost being home, and a group of peaceful creatures loses

All the Wrong Places: a life lost and found by Philip Connors (Biography)
The prize-winning author of Fire Season recounts the years he spent dealing with the aftermath of his brother’s shocking death as he, paying tribute to the dead, unconsciously wills himself into all the wrong places.

Lost and Found by Andrew Clements (Juvenile Fiction)
Twelve-year-old identical twins Jay and Ray have long resented that everyone treats them as one person, and so they hatch a plot to take advantage of a clerical error at their new school and pretend they are just one.

Lost and found : unexpected revelations about food and money by Geneen Roth (Non-Fiction)

Lost & found by Jayne Ann Krentz (Fiction)
Cady Briggs, an attractive young art expert, becomes involved with Mack Easton, owner of a shadowy company, Lost and Found, that searches out missing treasures for wealthy clients.

Season to taste : how I lost my sense of smell and found my way by Molly Birnbaum (Non-Fiction/Biography)

Lost & found sound and beyond (CD Book)
Stories from NPR’s All Things Considered

          Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item

In case you were wondering, the Nevins Library has “lost and found” boxes on each floor.  Don’t give up hope, try us first!

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