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What is Islam?

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What is Islam? An Educational Talk on Islamic Religion and Culture on Wednesday January 20th at 7pm at the Nevins Library.

There is a lot of conversation these days about the Islamic Faith and Islamic Culture. wi_logo2It is important to have accurate information and be aware of the facts so that we all can contribute to a civil and respectful discussion relating to diversity and religious freedom.

The Nevins Library welcomes Imam Basheer Bilaal, Religious Director of the Islamic Society of Greater Lowell to speak on these topics.

This is an educational program meant to inform the general public on the basic beliefs and practices of the Islamic Religion.

Imam Basheer Bilaal was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and graduated as an Imam and khatib from the Presidency of Religious Affairs in Turkey.

Click here to register for this informative talk on January 20th.

If you would like to read up on the subject of Islam religion and culture, here is a sampling of titles from our collection:

Image of itemThe Handy Islam Answer Book by John Renard

A Brief Guide to Islam:  history, faith, and politics by Paul Grieve

Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam by Yahira Emerick

What is Veiling?  by Sahar Amir

Modern Muslim Societies

Great World Religions:  Islam by John Esposito
Book on CD from the Great Courses Series




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