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Abraham Lincoln: the man, the legend, the literary figure

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The Great Emancipator. The best President in history. Savior of the Union. Honest Abe. President Lincoln has gone by many names throughout history, and in keeping with his exalted status as a terrific president, he has appeared in nonfiction from Team of Rivals to How to Fight Presidents. Today, we call him AWESOME and celebrate him in fiction!



Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith

One man stands between us and the bloodthirsty undead: Abraham Lincoln, whose zeal for destroying vampires propels him into the White House. From there, he personally and politically defends us all against Confederate ranks swollen with vamps. Grahame-Smith interwove plenty of real history into the fictional story of Honest Abe, the slayer of inhuman hordes, so expect to have trouble separating fact and fiction.



The Hypo: the melancholic young Lincoln by Noah Van Scive1380319r

This story is not actually fiction: Abraham Lincoln really suffered from what was then known as melancholy. Today, psychologists would probably consider him bipolar or a victim of major depression. But despite the fact that it’s historically accurate, The Hypo is a graphic account of Lincoln’s life that features him as a character, taking pieces from history and weaving them into a narrative of the dark times that he had in his twenties. Also, it’s great, so we’re including it anyway. A must-read.



1347699.jpgThe Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln by Stephen L. Carter

1867. Two years after having survived an assassination attempt, President Abraham Lincoln is about to be impeached for botching Reconstruction. Enter a young, indomitable black law clerk, Abigail Canner, who might just be Lincoln’s last hope. The meticulous research that went into this arresting book shines through every page. Historical fiction at its best!




Lincoln: a novel by Gore Vidal1137243

Lincoln is often upheld as a modern saint, but there’s another story beneath the hero worship: the story of a sly politician, a conflicted leader, and a man whose personal tragedies shaped his actions. Gore Vidal’s classic historical novel breathes life into the 16th President again.



Want more Lincoln? Also watch:

1416970.jpgLincoln starring Daniel Day-Lewis

During his final months in office, Lincoln struggles with the moral and political complexities of a nation in flux.


1388312Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter starring Benjamin Walker

Who protects us against the bloodsucking hordes? Abraham Lincoln, of course! Based on the book.


1308891.jpgThe Conspirator starring Danny Huston

This film focuses on the lone woman charged in the conspiracy to murder Lincoln, Mary Surratt, who owned the boarding house where Lincoln’s murder was planned.


1595540.jpgBetter Angels starring Brit Marling

The harsh Indiana wilderness and two remarkable women shape young Abraham Lincoln into the man we know.

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