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Organize Your Home Office Day

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Yay, it’s Organize Your Home Office Day!  Some of us, this author for one, actually need an official day like this to remember to clean up and organize.  With the advent of personal home computers, printers  and fax machines, more and more people are, if not fully “telecommuting” for work, doing at least some work from home.  Even if you are not “on the job” at home, one out of four families have home work stations to pay their bills, do online business transactions, organize schedules, fulfill correspondence, etc.

This isn’t my home office, but you get the idea…

I have a small desk and a laptop computer in the guest room that I use as my “home office”.  This is where I pay bills, keep stationary and receipts, and where do-dads and jewelry that I need to fix live, among other assorted things and tasks that should or should not be kept or performed here. The more I multi-task in this space, the messier it becomes. Ugh!

Whether you have an official work space or are using the kitchen table, here are some books that can help you organize and/or create your own niche for household/work business:

Jay Shafer’s DIY book of backyard sheds & tiny houses : build your own guest cottage, writing studio, home office, craft workshop, or personal retreat  by Jay Shafer

Secrets of an organized mom : from overflowing closets to the chaotic play areas : a room-by-room guide to decluttering and streamlining your home for a happier family by Barbara Reich.

Home office solutions : creating the space that works for you by Lisa Kanarek

Calm Working Spaces by Lorrie Mack




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