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Review: David Wong’s “This Book is Full of Spiders: Seriously, Dude, Don’t Touch It”

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No joke, man. Just don’t touch that book. The spiders are there, and they’re invisible, and they definitely want to eat your flesh, which they will do whether you see them or not. Which you won’t. Dave does, though, and so does his buddy John. Having developed psychic superpowers as a result of their drug habit, Dave and John are on the front lines of yet another otherworldly invasion. This time, they’re doing an even poorer job of fixing things than they did last time. In fact, they’re actively causing the apocalypse to pick up speed. This time, there might be no stopping it.

Wong’s style has definitely matured since John Dies in the End, his first novel. This book was way, way better structured, and while I’d lose the plot now and then in John Dies, I was pretty confident that the story was going forward all the way through This Book Is Full Of Spiders. His prose has improved, too, though This Book is still not exactly poetry. That’s really OK: it’s a story about two gun-happy Midwestern dudes hanging out on the lower end of the economic spectrum and fighting cthonic horrors with their drug-induced mind powers. If this were Shakespeare, it would suck.

Because it is not Shakespeare, it’s a pretty great read. It’s exciting, ramps the tension up fast and doesn’t let off, and delivers gags in the right places. There are a few loose ends, however, that disappointed me a bit. For one thing, throughout the book, people keep implying that Dave, or his buddy John, may be infected with mind-controlling brain spiders. They do come into contact with the spiders multiple times, and even black out around them, which would give those spiders ample opportunity to settle in. On top of that, they eventually meet infected people who are basically normal, who either never develop symptoms or who can manage their condition, and whose infected status is completely undetectable. The fact that the characters kept accidentally saving the monsters – from bombing, or by letting them out of a house, or if they turned out to be an adorable/creepy/innocent little girl, suggested that they were unknowingly under the influence of the spiders the whole time. But no dice – the book ends quietly and with no big reveal. Maybe the principal characters were just passing the idiot ball around. That they are indeed idiots is not necessarily bad for the book. You’ve just got to sort of turn your brain off to enjoy the madness.

That said, who needs brains? It seems like they’re just there to get infected by spiders. Enjoy this hole-filled piece of borderline bizarro zombie fun and try not to get any blood on your clothing.


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Anna is a reference librarian and computer nerd at the Nevins Library. She is a fan of all speculative fiction.

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