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Author Program: “Ward of the State” by Jeff Ives with Larry Giordano

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                                                         The Nevins Library Presents:

An Evening with Larry Giordano and Jeff Ives

Larry and Jeff will be speaking about their book,

Ward of the State: Larry Giordano’s Life as a Foster Kid.

“In the early morning of May 8, 1945, a baby boy was abandoned in a hotel room and discovered by a shocked manager.  The authorities
were called and the child became a ward of the state,
labeled #32590A (a.k.a Larry Gagnon).”

This book is the story of how the foster child, Larry Gagnon,
became the man, Larry Giordano.

May 9th, 2016 @ 7pm

Register on our Calendar of Events or by calling 978-686-4080 x12

The story of one foster kid is on the shelves to raise money
to help hundreds more.


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