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One Minute Book Review: The Case of the Missing Servant

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One Minute Book Review:  The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall

Vish Puri is India’s answer to Hercule Poirot: a fastidious private eye with a penchant for fast food and dangerous disguises.  He is the founder and Managing Director of the Most Private Investigations, Limited.  In this debut, Puri is tasked with tracking down a missing, or quite possibly murdered, maidservant of a public litigator in the teaming streets of modern day Delhi, India. Puri is joined by a cast of unforgettable characters: his mother, the formidable Mummy Ji and his colorful undercover operatives, Tubelight, Flush, and Face Cream.

Hall paints a vivid picture of Delhi by weaving in the sights, sounds, colors, food and social classes of his beloved adopted city into the narrative of the story.  The audio version with Sam Dastor as narrator adds another dimension with a vivacious Indian accent.  However, the print book does have a helpful glossary of all the Indian words used in the story.

This is a humorous,  quick-paced mystery and the first in the series.

If you like Alexander McCall-Smith’s No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency or international mysteries with great atmosphere, you may enjoy Vish Puri and his gang’s many escapades.



Author: Tatjana

I am a Reference/Readers' Advisory Librarian who loves to visit new places, read (of course!), tea time, and any animal that reminds me of my dog.

One thought on “One Minute Book Review: The Case of the Missing Servant

  1. Great, Tatjana! I read McCall-Smith’s series and loved it; thanks for introducing me to another series that
    Sounds like it will fun to read…
    Francine from The Old Pueblo


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