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Bookish Confessions: Finishing a Series

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Ah, books in a series.  I love them and I hate them, and it usually has to do with how/when I start to read them.  Let me explain:

Often I start a series (particularly trilogies – I typically don’t read the super long never-ending type series you might find in the mystery or science fiction section) after the first two books have been published.  Then, if I’m hooked into the story, I’ll race through the first two books and impatiently wait for the final book.  If I read a trilogy as it publishes, I’ll race through the book, wait impatiently for the year it takes for the next book, repeat until the last book comes out.

And then?

Well…   then I get scared to actually finish the series.  Why?  Because then it is over.  This world is done, the characters I’ve loved (or hated) are gone and somehow I’ve got to move on.

book meme

THIS, but for a series of books!  From Purple Clover on Facebook

I can’t tell you how many trilogies I have started, completed 2/3 of, and just cannot finish.  Of course this isn’t always the case.  I have finished plenty of series as well.  With few notable exceptions, I am almost always disappointed in how the story finally finishes.  This track record does not actually encourage me to go back and finish some of my favorite series, no matter how excited I am to see that final book all shiny and new at the library or in the bookstore.

How about you?  Is this a problem for you or not really?


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Hi! I am The Head of Reader Services at Nevins Library! I love to read and talk about books. I'll read just about anything, so there's plenty to talk about.

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