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June is Audiobook Month

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June is Audiobook Month, and for good reason.  Kids are getting out of school, and parents are planning family outings and trips to beloved summer destinations. College graduates are thinking of a last fling cross-country road trip before buckling down to internships and serious jobs. Commuters are gearing up for longer, slower driving on the roads, for you can be sure that once the temperature climbs higher, traffic thickens.

For all these reasons, it is glorious to have audio books, whether it be on CDs, Playaways, MP3s, or e-audio, to take you away to another world while you roll or inch your way through our nation’s roadways.

We have several avid audiobook listeners on staff, so I asked my colleagues to share some of their favorite titles and narrators:

Miss Shirley (Children’s Services):  “As a lover of audiobooks, I find the narrator chosen can have an enormous impact on my enjoyment of the story.  Jim Dale, who verbally creates the Harry Potter characters in the J K Rowling series, stands at the top of my list.  I feel as if I can “see” the scenes he creates with my ears!”

Sarah (Readers’ Services):  “I was a big fan of Roy Dotrice performing The Game of Thrones books (at least the first two – I haven’t gotten farther than that yet).  He did a wonderful job with all the many different character’s voices.  Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda is amazing on the audiobook for Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe.  And that was way before my Hamilton obsession began!”

Tatjana (Reference): “I love listening to the narrator Simon Vance because he has such a lovely, clear British accent (In Euphoria by Lily King, for one) but he can also take on many other distinct voices and accents as he did in the audio rendition of Kim, the classic by Rudyard Kipling.”

Kathleen (Reference): “David Sedaris is the best–especially Me Talk Pretty One Day.”

Sue (Children’s Services):  “I like when a book is told from the view point of several people and in an audio format there are different people voicing the characters.  The last book I listened to that was read this way is The Smell of Other People’s Houses by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock. ”

Kirsten (Reference): “My favorite reader is Davina Porter.  She makes the Outlander series come alive by imbuing the characters with their own inflections in her Scottish accent.  I don’t know how she does it , keep all the characters straight and then she’ll even throw in an American accent to keep it real.  Love all her narrations and will even look for her specifically when browsing for audible books.  Can’t wait to start a new one soon, great for long vacation road trips!!”

Who’s YOUR  favorite narrator?  And what will YOU listen to this summer?

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