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Review: Hidden

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Hidden by Loic Dauvillier, Marc Lizano, Greg Salsedo,204,203,200_.jpg

Dounia’s granddaughter awakens one night to find her in the sorrow of memories. Elsa wants to make her grandmother feel better by talking about the “nightmare,” but the nightmare is 1942 Paris. Dounia decides to talk about her experience as a girl for the first time. She tells her granddaughter about being Jewish in a French school during Nazi occupation, her parents being taken from her, and being taken in by the neighbors and forced into hiding. Beautifully worded and illustrated, Dauvillier’s Hidden is poignant and subtle.

This story open up many avenues for the child reader to question and learn about what happened during the Holocaust without being graphic. The time period is difficult to portray for children’s authors and illustrators because of how terrible the atrocities were. The fact that Dauvillier managed to show just how dire Dounia’s situation was without violence is impressive. It ends on a happy note, with family connecting further through the pain of the story which needed to be told.

Age Range: 6-10 years


Author: Ashley

I am an aspiring librarian who loves traveling, reading, hula hooping, and going on amazing adventures when I am not in the Children's Room.

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