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Gotta Catch ’em All!

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It’s possible you haven’t heard of the new app game sweeping across the globe, but Pokémon Go has made headlines and captured the imagination of multiple generations in just a few short weeks. Thanks to GPS and augmented reality technology, the app game allows players to travel all around the world, even in their own backyard, catching any of the original 150 Pokémon which originated in Japan. These strange and captivating critters were first introduced to the world at large in 1995 and have lasted generation to generation as a fun and addictive game, television, movie, and toy franchise.

When a player embarks on their journey in Pokémon Go they can customize key aspects of their trainer avatar and decide which team out of three they will join. Team Instinct is a team who trusts in the natural instincts of their Pokémon. Team Valor believes in training and strength. Team Mystic relies on calm analysis of situations. Once a player has joined one of the three teams they can train and strengthen their Pokémon to eventually battle at any of the designated gyms. The game creators have placed gym locations in many public spaces through GPS. Churches, stores and yes, even libraries are where trainers can flock to, to prove their team is the very best.

The Nevins Memorial is one such gym, and we’ve seen a constant shift among the three teams as to who is the reigning champion. As a special drop in program to celebrate Pokémon Go and our Nevins Memorial Library gym, we are inviting trainers of all ages to come and catch Pokémon-a-plenty as we drop virtual lures, which call Pokémon to a certain area, namely the garden outside of the library.  Join us on any of the following dates:

Friday, July 29th from 2pm to 3pm

Friday, August 12th from 2pm to 3pm

Friday, August 19th from 2pm to 3pm

Just remember that this is a family friendly program for all ages. Children under the age of twelve must be accompanied by an adult. Program will proceed, weather permitting.


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