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Christmas in August!

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christmas in augustAs a quilter and crocheter, I love the idea of making handmade gifts and cards for friends and family, especially for the holidays. Unfortunately, like most people I have limited free time, so my ideas and my reality often don’t quite mesh. Last year’s crocheted mermaid blankets for my nieces, intended for Christmas presents, finally made it into the girls’ hands around St. Patrick’s Day. A quilt for a cousin’s new baby–whose arrival I had ample time to prepare for–arrived just in time for the little one to celebrate her five month birthday.

For years, I have sworn that I won’t begin any intended Christmas present any time later than Labor Day. And every year, around Columbus Day or so, I find a great gift idea that I decide I can just whip up in the next two months. And every year, I come up empty on Christmas morning, but I make up for it with what end up being really elaborate Valentine’s Day presents.

This year, I’d like to think I’m going to do things differently. And to that end, I’ve already started to collect ideas for all the great Halloween crafts I’d like to do with my kids, the new recipes I might try for Thanksgiving, and the gifts I’ll give no later than New Year’s Day. If you would like to get a jump on costumes, cards, recipe-collecting, and gift-making, here are a few titles that I’ve found at the library–come check out our display for more great holiday ideas!

halloweenHalloween Costumes

dazzlingDazzling Disguises and Clever Costumes


100 Fresh and Fun Handmade Cards: Step-by-Step Instructions for 50 New Designs and 50 Amazing Alternatives


Sweet Treats for the Holidays: Edible Creations for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and More

gifts of food

Gifts of Food


Simply Homemade Food Gifts


Handmade Gifts


Author: Kathleen

Reference Librarian and Literacy Program Coordinator. When not librarianing, I enjoy literary fiction, comedy, crafting, history, and politics.

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