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Banned Books Week: Giving books to your younger self

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As part of this year’s Banned Book Week Celebration, we are answering questions posed by the American Library Association. 
thumbnail_bbw16prompt5There are a lot of books that I’ve read over the years that may have been a boon to my younger self. So, I’m gonna cheat a little and tell you all about two. Shh…

First, one of the books that I think I would have really liked to read when I was a kid is “The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Girl Geeks” by Sam Maggs. As a kid I knew that I liked things/books/tv series that most of the rest of the public at that time didn’t, but with this book I would have been able to put names to the fandoms and realized that there were thousands of other kids totally nerding out about the same things that I was.

Second would be “Lock In” by John Scalzi. I read a lot of mysteries like Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, etc. as a kid. I also positively devoured as many of the Star Trek novels as I could get my hands on. This book is one of the most perfect combinations of Mystery and Science Fiction that I’ve ever read. I definitely would have liked it as a kid, and then I’d have started on his Old Man’s War series much earlier too!

∼ Danielle, NL Reference/Outreach Librarian


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