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The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past….3

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The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past:  

Oh the Memories, the Mishaps…


Image from “Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean”, a TV episode from the British sitcom, “Mr. Bean”.

Our fearless Nevins Library staffers have kindly contributed stories of past Thanksgiving mishaps, so if your Thanksgiving isn’t up to Norman Rockwell standards, have no fear — you are not alone!

A few Thanksgivings ago, our family had gathered together at our house. My cousin came with her two-year-old son, E. E was eating in his high chair, positioned just next to my father at the head of the dining room table. About halfway through the meal, E stopped eating and promptly threw up right on to his tray. Everyone leapt into one sort of action or another. My brother bolted for his room to avoid a chain-reaction of puking. My mother, aunt and cousin all hurried E off to the bathroom to clean him up. Other family members milled out around the room, waiting for calm to settle back down.My father? Well, he kept right on eating.

∼ Amy, Teen Librarian


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