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A Wonderful Surprise…

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swedish-cookbookI know this book may not look like much to you, but to me, it was a blast from my past, something I had long forgotten but immediately recognized. As a child I can remember this cookbook. I can see it in the drawer in my childhood kitchen. I remember the stories about the recipes that guided my mother as she adapted to life as the new mom to two young boys and their Swedish father.

This cookbook had followed us from house to house and after my Dad passed away, the book itself seemed to disappear. Maybe my mother already knew the recipes and didn’t need it anymore…or maybe it was too hard to make those dishes after my Dad was gone. For whatever reason, I had lost track of it and didn’t even know that I missed it.

And then one day, in the book donation pile, there it was….back again….with all the old favorites and some not so favorites. It’s in pretty tough condition so it didn’t make the cut to go into the booksale and was headed to the recycle…but for me it is treasure beyond price. Now it’s my turn to give those Kotbullar (meatballs) a try…but not the Lutfisk….definitely not the Lutfisk!

∼Kirsten, Head of Reference Services

What books from your past do you treasure?


Swedish Food: 200 selected Swedish dishes, the smörgåsbord, traditional party and everyday menus
Sam Erik Widenfelt
Esselte; 6th edition (1954)


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