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New Year’s Day is old hat, “Z Day” is where it’s at!

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Every once in a while, trying to think of subjects for blog posts, I turn to the ever fascinating annual, Chase’s Calendar of Events. Chase’s really is the “ultimate go-to guide for special days, weeks and months”, as it claims.  For each day of the calendar year, Chase’s lists notable birthdays, historical anniversaries, national and international holidays, religious holidays, and many imaginative observances.

Sprinkled among the more serious and/or traditional observances and anniversaries are dates for more, shall we say, obscure celebrations and recognition.  It is these “dark horse” dates I am most intrigued by and feel an obligation to shine a light on for the first week of January.

Get ready to celebrate:

Jan. 1, Sunday — New Year’s Day is old hat, but what about Z Day?  It’s time to give recognition on the first day of the year to all persons and places whose names begin with the letter Z and who are always listed or thought of last in any alphabetized list.  Contact Tom Zager for more info:

Jan. 2, Monday — Happy Mew Year for Cats Day.  Felines, ever above mere humans in the great chain of being, have a day unto themselves to celebrate the “mewness” of a new time.  From none other than Thomas and Ruth Roy at Wellcat Holidays.

Jan. 2 – 8 — Someday We’ll Laugh About This Week.  We’ve all used the expression, “Someday we’ll laugh about this!”  Why wait?  It usually takes less than seven days for people to violate 90% of their New Year’s resolutions.  This week helps us to remember the art of laughing at ourselves.  This week tickles the joke of perfectionism while encouraging people to strive for excellence.  Laughing at the humorous human condition is a great way to start the New year.  For more information, contact Dr. Joel Goodman at the Humor Project.

Jan. 4, Wednesday — Dimpled Chad Day.  This is a day to commemorate all the dimpled chads of the world, left over from various and sundry contested elections.  Chads, roasted in garlic, make an excellent sprinkle topping for salads.  Contact:  Wellcat Holidays

January 8, Sunday — Argyle Day.  Bring some brightness to winter by wearing an argyle print — not just socks:  anything with the diagonal diamond pattern.  The more argyle, the better!  For info:  Keely McAleer,

BONUS:  National Joygerm Day, also celebrated on Sunday January 8th.  Infecting the world with kindness, courtesy, civility, encouragement, respect and responsibility.  Time to reach out and infect the next generation with the germs of joy.  Become a joygerm carrier — the more the merrier.  For info:  Joygerm Joan E. White, Founder and Cheerleader, Joygerms, Unlimited.


All annotations are from 2017 Chase’s Calendar of Events,  c. 2016




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