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Bookish Confession: Buying Books


Have I talked with you yet about my little book buying problem?  Even if I had, it has gotten worse.  I don’t know when it happened this year, but all of a sudden I realized that my “to-be-read” book case of books has now officially overflowed.  There is a nearly 2 foot tall stack of books next to that book case, all waiting patiently to be read.

The most ridiculous part about this is that I work in a library, where I can borrow any book I’d like for free, just like you.  But I still buy books.  I buy them new or used.  I buy them online or from book shops.  People are kind enough to give me books.  I have far too many books.  On the positive side, I always like to point out that I am very good about donating the books I’ve read so that book case isn’t overflowing as well…  but that doesn’t solve the very real problem that I have going on in my house right now.

So this is why I am putting myself on a Book Buying Ban for 2017.  I will not buy any books (for myself) next year.  If there are new releases that I really can’t wait to read – I will use the library.  And I’m telling myself that this is going to be awesome and I will feel so productive watching my book pile shrink.  But the truth of it is that I’m feeling a little anxious about it.  But it is going to be okay.  Really, it is.


Author: Sarah

Hi! I am The Head of Reader Services at Nevins Library! I love to read and talk about books. I'll read just about anything, so there's plenty to talk about.

3 thoughts on “Bookish Confession: Buying Books

  1. I am laughing so hard, I can hardly type!

    I think that you’re delusional if you think you can go a full year without buying yourself even 1 book!

    Anybody else agree? We could start an ‘office pool’.


    • Ha Linda! It’s going to be hard. Also, because it supports the library – I am exempting the Friend’s Book Sale. Expect me to go crazy there!


      • Touche’

        I can wholeheartedly endorse your expenditures at the Friends booksale! Happy, exempted shopping 😏


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