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Star Party — See the Heavens with our new Telescope!

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Come join us after hours at the Nevins Library on

February 3rd, 6:30-8:30 PM

Star Party:  See the Heavens with our new Telescope

 Image result for starA kickoff for our year-long ScienceQuest programming and eventsImage result for star

We’ll have a program to describe and instruct kids and adults on using the library’s new Telescope and then we’ll take it outside and see for ourselves how the stars appear.

In addition, we’ll have some fun activities about the stars and the constellations for everyone to do, we’ll tell Native American stories about the stars and the heavens, and there’ll be some cool “starry” snacks, yum.

Click here to register

 Stay Tuned:  this is only the first of many events this year as we celebrate our world and the marvels it holds.  Keep an eye on our Calendar of Events for more cool programs coming up. 

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