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8 Books About Chicken Coops

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Did you know that there’s solid evidence suggesting that the common domestic chicken is the closest living relative to the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex? It’s true! No wonder they’re such jerks! Let’s invite a whole bunch of them into our lives.


Backyard projects for today’s homestead

by Chris Gleason

Don’t move: improve! Chicken coops are among the projects here, but you’ll find yourself embarking upon a complete DIY-a-thon if you dare crack its cover. Be warned.

Art of the chicken coop

by Chris Gleason

Yup, this guy again. Turns out that he really knows his stuff. If you and your chickens really want a beautiful coop, this is your first stop. Think of your chickens and their yearning for beauty.


DIY chicken coops : the complete guide to building your own chicken coop

by John White

This book claims that even a novice woodworker can build a chicken coop. I personally dare you to try.

How to build chicken coops: everything you need to know

by Samantha Johnson and Daniel Johnson

You know that this one’s legit because it’s backed by the Future Farmers of America, an educational group that helps young people enter the rewarding profession of farming. See that kid on the cover? She has literally forgotten more about chicken coops than you know right now. Not after you read this book, though!


Building chicken coops for dummies

by Todd Brock, Dave Zook, and Rob Ludlow

Yup, there’s a For Dummies about this. Come on, it’s a chicken coop! How hard can it be? (She says, ignorantly.)

Chicken coops: 45 building plans for housing your flock

by Judy Pangman

No two coops should be alike. If you and your neighbors all get in on this, you might be able to build every one of these cute and innovative designs. Your only other alternative is to go into business. Sorry, you now know too much about chicken coops to back out.


Reinventing the chicken coop : 14 original designs with step-by-step building instructions

by Kevin McElroy and Matthew Wolpe

Fourteen? Just fourteen? Before you scoff, consider how badly you want a modern art version of a chicken coop. For the conceptual performance artist who also likes breakfast.

Backyard chickens’ guide to coops and tractors


At this point, if you don’t know how to build a chicken coop, then there’s nothing more I can do for you. Godspeed, and may free-range options present themselves to you in droves.


Author: Anna

Anna is a reference librarian and computer nerd at the Nevins Library. She is a fan of all speculative fiction.

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