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Plant-Based Foods and You with Tracie Hines

Plant-Based Foods and You

with Tracie Hines

Monday March 19th, 7-8pm

Presenter Tracie HinesCurious about a healthy plant-based diet? Research suggests that a vegetarian or primarily plant-based diet can prevent many chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Better yet, eating a plant-focused diet is an easy way to slash greenhouse gas emissions, saving the Earth at the same time as it saves your health.

Join us and Certified Plant-Based Chef and Food for Life Instructor Tracie Hines as we explore the wonderful world of plant-based cuisine. Tracie will share tips for nutrition and cooking, including recipes to take home, and discuss the many health and ecological benefits of plant-focused eating. Whether you’re a carnivore, vegetarian, or vegan, this program will satisfy your palate!

Tracie Hines is a Certified Plant-Based Chef, Certified Food for Life Instructor, and holds a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition as well as a B.A. Environmental Studies, M.R.P., Environmental Policy. Tracie worked in the conservation field for over 20 years and now teaches group classes in plant-based nutrition and cooking in and around Boston and leads plant-based tours to the Piedmont region of Northern Italy.  More information at

 To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Anna at   978-686-4080 x12 or

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Coyotes in the Suburbs

Coyotes in the Suburbs with Dr. Jon Way

Saturday March 3rd, 1-2pm

Have you seen a coyote in your backyard? Maybe you’ve seen a coywolf! Join us for a lively talk from Dr. Jon Way exploring humankind’s old companion, the wily coyote, and its new sibling, the coyote-wolf hybrid.

Dr. Way is the author of the books Suburban Howls (available through MVLC) and My Yellowstone Experience. A Cape Cod native, Dr. Way earned a Ph.D. at Boston College in the study of coyotes and is the founder of Eastern Coyote Research.

To register for the program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Anna at 978-686-4080 or

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Alice’s Ordinary People: Film Showing and Discussion

The Nevins Library Presents

Alice’s Ordinary People: Film Showing and Discussion

with Filmmaker Craig Dudnick

Saturday February 24th, 1-4:30pm


Though national leaders of the Civil Rights Movement may loom large, the everyday activists working at the ground level were no less important. Alice Tregay and other members of the Chicago Freedom Movement played an integral role in the national struggle for Civil Rights. And though they may not appear in many history textbooks, their accomplishments changed the course of American history.

Join us to view “Alice’s Ordinary People,” a documentary by filmmaker Craig Dudnick that details the extraordinary things that can be accomplished through grassroots community activism. Craig Dudnick will also be present to discuss the film and the way that ordinary activists influenced the course of history during the struggle for equality in the 1960s.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For further information, contact Anna at 978-686-4080 x12  or

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Program: Science of Chocolate

The Science of Chocolate – The Secret Indulgence

Monday February 12th, 2018   6:30-7:30pm

Learn which chemicals elicit biochemical reactions in the human brain, making chocolate the perfect indulgence. During the presentation, you will also learn how to taste chocolate for quality and how to eat it, too!

We will have chocolate available for tasting.

Our presenter is Dr. Mike Cross, department chair of Natural Sciences at Northern Essex Community College where he teaches chemistry and forensic science.  This event is brought to you through the Northern Essex Community College Speakers Bureau.

Registration is required for this free program, so CLICK HERE to register.

For more information, contact Sarah at 978-686-4080 x20 or

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Romance Author Panel

Nevins Library presents

Saturday February 3rd, 2018  1pm-3pm

Love is in the air, and in the library!  Come and meet a panel of wonderful romance authors, here to talk about their latest books!  We can fall in love with their characters, get swept away by their settings, and ask the eternal question:  Will they or won’t they?

Scheduled to appear:

Loreen Augeri:  The author of three historical romance novels, she will be talking about her most recent book: Not a Gentleman.  In this book, Nicholas has captured Juliana in order to deliver her to her betrothed, but their hearts are reaching for each other instead.

Patricia Barletta:  The second book in her Auriano Curse series, Moon Shadow, finds Antonio, Duke of Auriano is on his way to Paris to visit his sister, but when a highwayman steals the moonstone pendant that curbs the devastating effects of the family curse, he vows to find the thief and retrieve what is his. When Solange Delacroix steals from the handsome stranger her precarious life tips into spiral of danger.

J.B. Mullins:  Her debut is titled Dear, and this is where we meet Amanda and Steven.  These two imperfect people are instantly drawn together, which in turn, leads them toward spiritually intimate awakenings that will be disastrous if either of them are not fully prepared and ready.

Satin Russell:  Her second romantic suspense novel is Secret Need where Liz wants nothing to do with Alex – her childhood bully.  However, he finds her intriguing and would love for her to give him a chance.  But when they discover big secrets in their small Maine town, they are forced to rely on each other to survive.


The books will be available for purchase and signing.  Refreshments will be served.

**Snow date for this event will be Saturday, February 24 at 1pm**

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For further information, contact Sarah at 978-686-4080 x20 or