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Program: Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Monday October 21, 2019  7pm – 8:30pm

Alzheimer’s is not normal aging.  It’s a disease of the brain that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior.

Join us to learn about:

  • The impact of Alzheimer’s
  • The difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia
  • Alzheimer’s disease stages and risk factors
  • Current research and treatments available to address some symptoms
  • Alzheimer’s Association resources

This is an education program presented by the Alzheimer’s Association.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Sarah at 978-686-4080 x20 or

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Author Event: Hallie Ephron

Author Event: Hallie Ephron

Thursday October 17, 2019  7pm – 8pm

We are pleased to welcome bestselling author Hallie Ephron back to the Nevins Library!  She will be here to discuss her latest thriller Careful What You Wish For.

A little about the book:

Emily Harlow is a professional organizer who helps people declutter their lives; she’s married to man who can’t drive past a yard sale without stopping. He’s filled their basement, attic, and garage with his finds.  Like other professionals who make a living decluttering peoples’ lives, Emily has devised a set of ironclad rules. When working with couples, she makes clear that the client is only allowed to declutter his or her own stuff. That stipulation has kept Emily’s own marriage together these past few years. She’d love nothing better than to toss out all her husband’s crap. He says he’s a collector. Emily knows better—he’s a hoarder. The larger his “collection” becomes, the deeper the distance grows between Emily and the man she married.  Luckily, Emily’s got two new clients to distract herself: an elderly widow whose husband left behind a storage unit she didn’t know existed, and a young wife whose husband won’t allow her stuff into their house. Emily’s initial meeting with the young wife takes a detour when, after too much wine, the women end up fantasizing about how much more pleasant life would be without their collecting spouses.

But the next day Emily finds herself in a mess that might be too big for her to clean up. Careful what you wish for, the old adage says . . . now Emily might lose her freedom, her marriage . . . and possibly her life.

Copies of the book will be available for purchase and signing.  Refreshments will be served.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Sarah or Fran at 978-686-4080 or

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Program: Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind: Its Present And Future

Thursday September 26, 2019 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Offshore wind farmDid you know that the coast of Massachusetts gets more wind on average than the Great Plains? It’s true!

Better yet, it might someday make Massachusetts an energy powerhouse.

Join us and Amber Hewett of the National Wildlife Federation for a presentation about the potential and promise of offshore wind power in our state.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Anna at 978-686-4080 or

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Program: Scams, Frauds, & Identity Theft, Oh My!

Scams, Frauds, & Identity Theft

Thursday September 19th, 2019 1pm

Join us as Amy Schram from the Better Business Bureau covers the most common scams currently circulating, the major red flags to watch out for, and the precautionary steps we can take to protect ourselves from falling victim.

Part of our Live Long & Learn Series.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information contact
Kirsten at 978-686-4080 x14 or

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Program: Let’s Learn About Radon

Let’s Learn about Radon!

Thursday September 19th, 2019  7pm – 8pm

The Nevins Library recently added a Radon Detector to our Library of Things collection for Methuen residents to borrow.  But why is it important to know if radon is in your home?

What does radon do and where does it come from? Dr. Michael Cross from Northern Essex Community College Department of Natural Sciences will be here to answer these questions and more.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Sarah at 978-686-4080 x20  or

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Program: Paddling in the Florida Everglades

Paddling in the Florida Everglades: A Hundred Mile Journey

Monday September 16, 2019  6:30pm

Dr. Ken Thomas, Professor of Biology at Northern Essex Community College, will be here to talk about his “trip of a lifetime”  – Paddling the Florida Everglades, a 100 mile journey.  He will discuss the trip from its planning and preparation stages to the actual trip itself. Hear about the pain of fire ant and no-see-um attacks, the beauty of paddling under a full moon, the frustration of running aground at super low tides, and the challenge of paddling during small craft advisories.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Sarah at 978-686-4080 x20 or

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We’re Still Here, physically and electronically!

How to Find the Nevins Library Online

This one won’t be quite as poetic and alliterative as the previous explanation of where we are on the web, but, since we are currently experiencing quite a few changes (and will continue to experience them in the near future) I think it’s important for everyone to know where you can get more information about what is going on.

The first place anyone should go is, I hope, our website. It is always up to date, especially when we are closed (or open). Whether that’s in the winter for snow and other bad and horrible winter things, our next holiday closing, or the unexpected closing.

We also have a ton of other stuff on our website. It’s where you can reserve Museum Passes , get to all the online resources that you can sign into from home, find info on all our programs, from our downloadable and printable Children’s Calendar to our Event Calendar  (which has all the library programs that we do, on site and off site).

We’re on social media as well.  Check out our main Twitter feed @nevinslibrary1! We also have a newish one for the kids too, @nevlibskids. It has reminders and sign up, links for the programs, but, also some fun on it as well. Come and follow us. See if we can get 100 followers there!!

We have an awesome Instagram too @nevinslibrary. All ages are on there, and updates about the library can be found too.

And let’s not forget our 3 Facebook pages!  Our main one, Nevins Memorial Library as well as Nevins Childrens and Nevins Young Adults. You can find updates there, and our events are posted as Facebook Events as well (but, please try to sign up on the calendar on our webite).

Of course, we have this blog. You can always find a variety of things here, from what podcasts we’re liking, to what books we’re reading (and think y’all should try too). You can follow this blog on email as well as coming and seeing us in your browser.

Last, but definitely not least, we have a Tumblr Blog called A Book A Day. It is what it says it is on the tin, every day (well, minus Sunday) a book is recommended. You don’t even need to be a member of Tumblr, just go to the website, and they’re all there (and I do mean all, we have over 1,160 recommendations so far). From sci fi to mystery to graphic novels and even kids books. Something for everyone.

Things probably aren’t going to settle down right away here at the Nevins Library, but we do hope that by following us on one or more of these places that we’ll be able to keep you up to date on the goings on as we get back into the swing of things.