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Kicking Butt and Saving Money…With the Library!

Libraries, right? They’re all about books and paper and dusty old cardigan-wearing women with chains on their glasses. Right? Right?

Obviously, all wrong. If I had chains on my glasses, they wouldn’t fall off my face whenever I sneezed. Also, I mislaid my last cardigan the other day while I was getting a tattoo. If you see it, please tell me. I’m cold and I want it back. It’s yellow.

Like this.

Just like librarians aren’t just cardigan-wearing book biddies, libraries aren’t just dusty, atmospheric book warehouses. One of the most popular complaints I hear at the reference desk goes something like, I hate reading. There’s nothing for me here. This is a fun desert. HAH! That’s where you’re wrong! Let me ask you one question: how does saving money strike your funny bone?

If you’re anything like me, then you just jumped up with a whoop and fistpumped so hard you hyper-extended your elbow. I love saving money! It’s the second best thing to adopting kittens and teaching them kung-fu. That’s why I love the fact that Nevins Library owns and loans a Kill-A-Watt.


Hyperdrive not included.

What does the Kill-A-Watt do? As its name suggests, this device does kung-fu on your energy bill, much like a kitten might if I were allowed to adopt any more of them. Simply plug the Kill-A-Watt into the wall and then plug one of your household appliances – let’s say your XBox – into the Kill-A-Watt. Kick back with a little Call of Duty and the Kill-A-Watt will tell you how much juice your gaming habit is sucking out of your monthly power budget.

While you’re killing zombies, zombies are killing your checkbook. Who’s winning the game now?

Look what you’ve done!

The library will loan the Kill-A-Watt to you for one week, which is plenty of time to run a load of dishes, chill a batch of potato salad, and clean a pile of towels. Think you know how much all of that is costing you? I dare you to check. Maybe your fridge will turn out to be an inefficient carbon-gobbler that fairly screams to be repurposed into a shelving unit. Maybe it’s time to make way for a new dryer, or to do as I do and not wash towels at all. (Guys, guys, stop. It’s OK. We’re already clean when we use them. Think about it!)

How to recycle old refrigerator - Little Piece Of Me

Or whatever.

Take control of your energy use. Borrow our Kill-A-Watt and begin kicking some power bill butt today!

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