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Library Program: Internet Privacy

Internet Privacy

with Alison Macrina

November 12, 2016 @2pm

In the age of Big Data and constant connectedness, it’s easy to feel like privacy is a relic of the pre-digital age. But what about those of us who are uneasy about sacrificing this basic human right for the convenience of new technologies? Join Alison Macrina of the Library Freedom Project for a special training event on  protecting online privacy. Alison will teach about threats to privacy and technical tools that help people take back their digital privacy in the information age.

Click here to register online, or to register by phone, please contact the Reference Desk at 978-686-4080 x12.

For more information and print resources on internet privacy, click here for our previous blog post on the subject.


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Internet Privacy…in the Library!

Even computer experts can’t agree on Internet privacy, and no wonder: one person’s Facebook feed is another’s privacy nightmare. If you’re trying to sort it out for yourself, why not start with these nice, safe, paper-bound library books? We don’t track your usage and libraries have historically protected their patrons’ right to privacy, too! Unless you’d prefer to read them on your Kindle, of course. That is probably a little more convenient. But then, well, don’t blame us when your relationship with gets a little more awkward.


1538975Dragnet Nation: a quest for privacy, security, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillance by Julia Angwin

Ever notice how Amazon’s suggestions and Facebook’s banner ads seem to be spookily tailored to your online experience? Julia Angwin did. To try and shake the digital eyes watching her, she embarked on a personal experiment intended to remove her from online tracking, cell phone location tracking, and even tracking by the federal government.


1595002Data and Goliath:the hidden battles to capture your information and control your world by Bruce Schneier

If Dragnet Nation made you paranoid, then brace yourself for this sweeping expose. This book’s main strength is that it highlights how privacy violators get most of their power: we give it to them ourselves.


1375899This Machine Kills Secrets: how Wikileakers, cypherpunks, and hacktivists aim to free the world’s information by Andy Greenberg

Privacy isn’t just a concern for the little guy: whole governments have been destabilized due to the increasing proliferation of leaks. From Edward Snowden to Anonymous, this is the book that tells you about how the Internet gets the really big secrets.


1537182Privacy in the Age of Big Data: recognizing threats, defending your data, and protecting your family by Theresa Payton and Theodore Claypoole

Now that you know what’s out there, it’s time to fight back! Can online couponing open you up to privacy violations? What political action can a person take to protect their privacy? It’s all here for newbies and experienced activists alike!