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One Minute Book Review: Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Cover image for No-where but hereIn Nowhere But Here, Katie McGarry introduces us to Emily, who just wants life back to normal. Her mother and adoptive father receive a heart wrenching note telling her that Emily’s grandmother on her biological father’s side has passed away. When they travel to Snowflake, a town of motorcycle gangs and bad memories, her little detour turns into a summer trip. Her father is part of the motorcycle club Reign of Terror, as is his family. Katie McGarry does a wonderful job of creating unique characters and settings.

Oz, a Reign of Terror prospect and family friend, is assigned to protect Emily from a rival club who wants revenge against her father. All Oz wants is to become a club member and for Emily to leave so his world can go back to normal. Neither count on their crushes on each other. As Olivia, Emily’s grandmother gets sicker, Oz and Emily grow closer, sharing dreams and secrets. The developing relationships between Emily and her newly found family are entertaining and interesting. As the story plays out, we discover that sometimes family is as much who we choose as who we are born into.

∼ Bistany, Library Page

Nowhere But Here:  a Thunder Road Novel
by Katie McGarry
Don Mills, Ontario : Harlequin Teen, 2015