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Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon


Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon happens twice a year, and it is scheduled to happen next on this Saturday, April 29.  On this day, thousands of readers from around the world will set aside everything they can and attempt to read for a full 24 hour period.  Yes, I am one of them.  I’ve participated several times in the past, and while I’ve yet to make a full 24 hours, I’ve never had a bad experience.

Life is busy.  Between family, friends, and work – it is easy to feel constantly pulled in several directions at once.  On this day, I love that I actively put time aside for me and my books.  Sure, I still manage to get some laundry done and I’ll put some dinner on the table (though it’s usually from the crock pot or delivery) so I’m not completely ignoring my family.  But I am reading for that day & night, and they know it and respect that.  I can’t always rearrange my schedule to do the readathon, but when I can – I’m all in.

I do have some tips to pass along, if you think you’d like to participate.  First, I tend to stay with shorter, fast paced books.  Graphic novels work really well for readathons (especially late at night).  Also, when my eyes get tired, I’ll listen to an audiobook for awhile and either do a jigsaw puzzle, fold that laundry or go for a walk.  Hydration is key – I always keep ice water nearby (though others prefer coffee or tea).  Snacks are very important!  I keep healthy snacks for the day, and sweet snacks for later when I need some cheap energy fast.

The best part is reaching out and connecting to other readers.  I use various social media platforms to do this.  Not only is it great encouragement when you start to feel a little sleepy, but it is exciting to know that people around the world are with you, perhaps even reading the same book!  It’s easy to find groups on Facebook and Goodreads, and #readathon will be trending on Twitter (it will also be used on Instagram and Litsy).

Give it a shot if you can!  Or feel free to casually check it out during the day….  and then be ready for the next one in October!  Happy Reading!