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Book Cover: Saving Lucas Biggs

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Book Review: Saving Lucas Biggs

The married children’s authors Marisa de los Santos and David Teague have teamed up to create Saving Lucas Biggs. This compelling story follows the journey of Margaret, a young girl whose father was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit by the cruel Judge Biggs. The family lives in a small mining town in Arizona and Judge Biggs is swayed by corporate interests in his conviction of Margaret’s father. The young girl has a special power, but it is one which she is forbidden to use. Her family is able to time travel, but “history resists” and they have all taken part in a promise to never use their powers. Never–but Margeret can’t stand the thought of losing her father. When her best friend’s grandfather explains that he once knew a member of her family who went against that promise and lived to tell the tale, Margaret decides to take the chance and attempt to change Lucas Biggs and keep him from ever becoming corrupt in the first place. Will she be able to make it back to her family safely though?

De los Santos and Teague make an incredible team in this novel which is perfect for 5th-6th grade students. The themes seem very heavy, but this dynamic duo deals with the issues of death and corruption in very poignant ways. Opening up the eyes of children to the possibility of corruption, while also making clear that it can be changed with perseverance and goodness, is a refreshing end to this fast-paced novel. Lovers of fantasy as well as realistic fiction will find this read pleasurable.