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National Voter Registration Day 9/25

National Voter Registration Day 2018

Are you registered to vote? Did you just turn 18 (or will turn 18 before Tuesday, November 6th)? Have you moved within the state recently? Or just moved into Massachusetts? (If so, also, welcome!)

On September 25th, all day, we’ll be participating in National Voter Registration Day. This has been an annual day since the Presidential Election in 2012, although this will be the first time the Nevins Library has participated in it!

There’ll be tables/events like ours throughout all fifty states with the express purpose of making it easier for those who aren’t registered, to register before the deadline for the November election. (Our deadline in Massachusetts is October 17th)

This November isn’t just important for the big names on the ballot from Baker to Warren. There are also three state ballot questions, the Federal 3rd District General Election (which has a lot fewer people than in the Primary thankfully. Phew…) There are also a lot of state legislators (both State Senators and Representatives) up for election, the Attorney General, and some District Attorneys and other smaller but just as important jobs as well.

So whether you want to register for a Political Party such as the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian Parties, or if you want to register as one of the other Political Designations.,(See HERE for a list of those), we’ll be here on Sept. 25th to help you. And, if you have anything on hold to pick up, or want the latest Steel, Grisham, or King, you’ve just saved a trip!

If you can, please bring your MA Driver’s License/MA ID with you when you come to register.

We’ll be inside near the entrance to the library, across from the main desk with lots of forms. The very important question is, can you all make us run out of forms? I double dare you.

For more information on your polling place, who your representative is, and if you’re already registered to vote, go HERE (The Secretary of State’s Elections page). They also have a page where they list all the different ways that you can register to vote (or update your information) if you can’t make it here on the 25th (seriously, there are a lot of ways!)