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eBooks Galore!!

With a new look for our Overdrive website in February (same great content, slightly different look), I thought that I’d  give a refresher on all the amazing ways that you can get both eBooks and eAudiobooks. We’ll start with the most well-known eBook and eAudiobook provider.

Overdrive is our biggest provider of eContent. It has both eBooks and eAudiobooks. In addition to bestselling fiction it also has quite a number of Romances, more childrens’ books every day, and even some Comics (including from DC Comics, Woo!!). You can read and listen to them on your computer,  through your browser, or on almost any mobile device with their free Overdrive App (Scroll down to the bottom for all the various platforms you can use Overdrive on!)



Axis360 is a part of the Commonwealth eBook Collections. It has both Audiobooks and eBooks, mostly bestselling fiction, that can be read and listened to through the Axis360 App (Again, the links are at the bottom!!)




Biblioboard is a part of the Commonwealth eBook Collections as well. It has everything from the For Dummies series to a good portion of the Dark Horse Comics Graphic Novels to many many Primary Sources and Historical Documents. All Available through your browser or their App.



If you’re looking for items of a more academic bent EBL has many items to help with academic research as well as items that can help with personal interests, from cooking to gardening. (It’s also part of the Commonwealth eBook Collections). Go to EBL



Finally, Safari has almost 5000 technology, digital media, and business books and videos online and ready on-demand in your browser to help you out of that pickle. Go to Safari

Remember all you need to access all these awesome resources is a Nevins Library card and something to read/listen to them on. And, in most cases, that can even be your computer!!

And if you have questions about using any of the above resources (or our other Online Resources) come see us up at the Reference Desk and we’ll try and get you all set up!!

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Spotlight on Ebooks: Safari

Safari Books Online

I am something of a computer nut. This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me – if it’s blinking, I’m up for it. However, I come from an unlikely background. English, anyone? With a background in creative writing, even?

In all seriousness, my second degree – the one that landed me in Libraryland – was much more tech-focused than my first. But, Johnny-come-lately that I was, I didn’t have a chance to focus on high-end programming languages as much as I’d have liked. Enter Safari Books Online.

Nerds, you may start your computational knowledge engines. This incredible resource is available to you, too

Ruby Wizardry


A book that teaches your children to code Ruby.


It doesn’t matter what you want to learn. You can be a hardware geek. You can be an experienced big-data data cruncher. You can be a child. Safari will take you where you want to go by providing the textbooks that software developers use in college.

The computing textbooks are far and away the best reason to use Safari. However, a tremendous number of Make: books are also available, which include titles that can teach you to make stuff like the pioneers. (Early life hacking?) All of the For Dummies books are there too – because why not? – and there’s a category for personal and professional development, even down to marriage and family health.

There’s no wait for copies as there is with OverDrive and Axis 360, but this is because copies are not downloadable. Since so many computing textbooks are best used while propped open next to a keyboard and a steaming mug of coffee at 2:30am, it can be a little hard to utilize the book as it lives online. A library account won’t let you bookmark your place, either. (A paid personal account will.) However, using a tablet to access the book and then simply keeping it open is a viable, if not ideal, workaround. Considering the variety and usefulness of the books available here, I find it worth the inconvenience. This is especially true since the staggering volume of computing material present represents hundreds of thousands of dollars more in specialty information than even the largest and best-funded public library could hope to stock.

If you’re in the mood to learn something esoteric, like COBOL, Safari should be your first stop. If you want to expand upon your skills or acquire new ones, Safari is your go-to. Even if your goal is to sort through programming books with intention to borrow or buy a paper copy, Safari is an invaluable resource. I recommend it to geeks and non-geeks alike.