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One Minute Book Review: Warriors by Erin Hunter

Cover image for Into the WildAs a child, I’ve grown up reading Warriors since the third grade. I’m now in my second year of college, and I continue to keep updated with the series. I just can’t bear to leave these characters and their intricate plots behind. In my opinion, Warriors may be simply written but the ideas and the themes are definitely complex. After all, what’s so childish about politics, murder, and forbidden love?
Characters are pushed to their breaking point, and if the series were written for an older audience, I think we would see even more turmoil. However, as it’s marketed for children, most scenes are limited to the true gore and turmoil it could’ve portrayed. The authors could’ve gone further and beyond if they targeted an older audience. Personally, I believe targeting the books to an older audience would have allowed the authors freedom to expand their horizons on more “adult” topics. And as the series carries on, it loses the edge and spunk that the first mini-series held.  Are the ideas underdeveloped? Yes, truthfully, they are. Is Warriors worth the read then? It definitely still is.

                                                                                                                                     ∼ Samm, Library Page
Warriors Series by Erin Hunter
(first title in series:  Warriors:  Into the Wild)
New York : HarperCollins, 2003

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Dangerous Women, Rogues and Warriors, oh my!

RoguesCover of "Dangerous Women"  cover of "Warriors"

The great storyteller of Game of Thrones fame, George R.R. Martin, and veteran anthologist Gardner Dozois, have joined together to offer three powerful volumes of original short stories by today’s best writers in fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, and suspense.

You’ll find no wilting, delicate flowers in Dangerous Women.  No Ma’am, these are stories of strong, powerful women, heroines and villains alike, by such authors as Diana Gabaldon, Joe Abercrombie, Sharon Kay Penman, and Jim Butcher.

Who doesn’t love a rogue?  In Rogues, such estimable writers as Gillian Flynn, Neil Gaiman, and Connie Willis, among others, bring to life the most delightfully devious, rapscallion characters that you will ever have the fortune, or misfortune, to meet.

Finally in Warriors, you’ll find warriors of all kinds from yesteryear, modern times and times to come.  It just might surprise you to find out who’s a warrior…Lawrence Block, Robin Hobb, Steven Saylor and Carrie Vaughn are just some of the bestselling authors who reveal their champions in lively fashion.

As an extra bonus to an already great collection of stories by a stellar ensemble of best-selling and award-winning authors, George R.R. Martin includes an original story from the land of Westeros, the world in which the Game of Thrones saga takes place, in each of the three anthologies named above.