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Banned Books Week: Censorship

Artwork courtesy of the American Library Association


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National Voter Registration Day 9/25

National Voter Registration Day 2018

Are you registered to vote? Did you just turn 18 (or will turn 18 before Tuesday, November 6th)? Have you moved within the state recently? Or just moved into Massachusetts? (If so, also, welcome!)

On September 25th, all day, we’ll be participating in National Voter Registration Day. This has been an annual day since the Presidential Election in 2012, although this will be the first time the Nevins Library has participated in it!

There’ll be tables/events like ours throughout all fifty states with the express purpose of making it easier for those who aren’t registered, to register before the deadline for the November election. (Our deadline in Massachusetts is October 17th)

This November isn’t just important for the big names on the ballot from Baker to Warren. There are also three state ballot questions, the Federal 3rd District General Election (which has a lot fewer people than in the Primary thankfully. Phew…) There are also a lot of state legislators (both State Senators and Representatives) up for election, the Attorney General, and some District Attorneys and other smaller but just as important jobs as well.

So whether you want to register for a Political Party such as the Republican, Democrat, Libertarian Parties, or if you want to register as one of the other Political Designations.,(See HERE for a list of those), we’ll be here on Sept. 25th to help you. And, if you have anything on hold to pick up, or want the latest Steel, Grisham, or King, you’ve just saved a trip!

If you can, please bring your MA Driver’s License/MA ID with you when you come to register.

We’ll be inside near the entrance to the library, across from the main desk with lots of forms. The very important question is, can you all make us run out of forms? I double dare you.

For more information on your polling place, who your representative is, and if you’re already registered to vote, go HERE (The Secretary of State’s Elections page). They also have a page where they list all the different ways that you can register to vote (or update your information) if you can’t make it here on the 25th (seriously, there are a lot of ways!)

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3 More of My Favorite Podcasts (and a Podcast Network)

I previously wrote a post that had what are still my top three favorite podcasts. But, there are so many other podcasts out there, so, here are another three podcasts that I think are worth listening to (and one Podcast Network that has too many awesome podcasts to name).


When the first episode is about a death that makes the listener go, ‘no, c’mon, really?’, it just might be a good podcast.

It’s an interesting mish-mash of true crime stories as well as looks into stuff related to crime, like in the 3rd episode about lie detectors and knowing if we are lying. And people involved in crime (on both sides). And, while some of them are very topical, others are more general, and then there are some slightly cringe-worthy ones too.

Overall, though, they’re quite enjoyable, as well as being short compared to a lot of the crime/true crime which is nice. Oh, and I almost forgot (how could I have almost forgotten), the sound design for this podcast is amazing and has been since the very first episode. With most podcasts I’m just happy if they don’t have feedback and are using a quality microphone (and maybe have figured out how to make so that all the speakers can be heard), but, this podcast uses music, and sounds, and takes me to whatever place they want to go not just with their words, but also with all the other sounds/music too.

If you’re looking for interesting books that have to do with Criminal Behavior we have a whole section on the top floor in Reference. You can either stop at the desk and we can help you find it, or, simply mosey on over to the 364s and you’ll be astounded by how many true crime books there are.

American Fiasco

I know, I know, the World Cup is over, not to mention, it wasn’t a great World Cup this year for the Men’s National Team (since, ya know, it was no cup at all). Of course, personally, I think that ’98 was even worse because they did make it, and then….what came next was heartbreaking.

This podcast tells the story of that team. And hilariously it’s told by a Brit who is obsessed with America stuff. Really amazing.

I remember the ’94, ’98, and then the Women’s ’99 World Cups in vivid detail. I loved soccer, and I totally thought that after watching in ’94 that in ’98 we’d get farther than we did. Of course, I was a kid, and so I didn’t know all the stuff going on but, listening to this, with all these names I recognized, all my favorites like Aagoos, and Balboa, and … let me tell you, in ’94 I loved Tony Meola, and Balboa and Lalas (can you tell I was defensive minded?) (Kasey Keller in ’98 was not my favorite goalkeeper).

The host talks to all manner of people in the course of this podcast. He may not be a born and raised American, but, he was here during ’94 and so forth, and so, his perspective is a unique one that maybe he wouldn’t have quite had if he were fully one of us on this side of the pond.

Did you know that we have the Encyclopedia of World Cup Soccer? I know. Awesome right?

Fatal Voyage

Most of the podcasts I’ve been reviewing in this and the previous post I wrote on podcasts I have gone looking for. Either I had a specific podcast that I knew the name of or I at least had a theme that I knew I wanted. I found this one by literally going to the ‘Search for Podcasts’ screen in my podcast app and it was there on the most listened to (or whatever the algorithm that makes that screen is). So, I tried out the first app. And it was interesting.

I only really knew Natalie Wood from Miracle on 34th Street (the first one, the good one), and somewhere in the recesses of my brain I sorta knew that she’d died in mysterious circumstances. And, I really only knew Robert Wagner as DiNozzo’s father on NCIS. So, when I stumbled onto this podcast about the mystery of what happened on the boat when Natalie Wood died, I binged (can you binge on podcasts?) on all the episodes that had been put up, and now I anxiously await the next one each week.

I’m not sure if at the end of the podcast they’ll put forth their most likely theory, or if they’ll simply leave the facts to sit at the end, but, either way, I know that I’m riveted to this podcast right now.

We have a good number of movies with Natalie Wood in them. As well as book on Natalie Wood’s life, and on Robert Wagner’s life. 

Parcast Network

And finally, I couldn’t just pick one podcast from this network that I like the most.

It has a ton.

And I have a feeling that I may wind up listening to all of them at some point.

Right now I’m listening to four of them. Unexplained Mysteries, where, they look into stuff like Mona Lisa’s smile (I did not know that Mona stood for Monna, which stood for Madonna, which wasn’t actually her name, Lisa was.) And Stonehenge. They go about it in a very historical sort of way, sometimes touching on the conspiracies that can go with some of their mysteries, but, trying very hard to stick with the facts that time has given us.

On the other side of the mystery coin is Conspiracy Theories. I was a little worried about this one, but gave the first episode a listen anyway, and found that, thankfully, the two hosts don’t believe the conspiracy theories they talk about, but do find them to be interesting stories. (Makes sense to me).

Then there’s GONE. It is what the title implies about things that are missing. Sometimes big things (a flight, although, not the Malaysian one, Unexplained Mysteries along with Conspiracy Theories tackled that one), sometimes small things. This podcast doesn’t have a ton of episodes yet, but, I really sorta hope that maybe they do the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft at some point in their run.

What’s your favorite podcast?

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Author Event: Carla Neggers

Author Event: Carla Neggers

Saturday September 29th 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Best-selling author Carla Neggers will be visiting the Nevins Library to talk about her new book, IMPOSTOR’S LURE, the latest in the popular series featuring FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan.

About the book:

Newlyweds Emma and Colin are suspicious when prosecutor Tamara McDermott is a no-show at a Boston dinner party. Matt Yankowski, head of HIT, Emma and Colin’s small, elite Boston-based team, is a friend of Tamara’s, and he needs them to find her.  In London, a woman who was supposed to meet Emma’s art-detective grandfather to talk about forgeries is discovered near death. Her husband, who stayed behind in Boston, has vanished. The couple’s connection to Tamara adds to the puzzle.  As the search for Tamara intensifies, a seemingly unrelated murder leads Emma, Colin and HIT deep into a maze of misdirection created by a clever, lethal criminal who stays one step ahead of them.  As Emma draws on her expertise in art crimes and Colin on his experience as a deep-cover agent, the investigation takes a devastating turn that tests the strengths of their families and friendships as well as their FBI colleagues as never before. Impostor’s Lure is full of clever twists that will keep readers guessing right to the stunning conclusion!

Carla is the author of more than 75 novels, which have been translated into dozens of languages and sold in over 35 countries.  Copies of this book and others will be available for purchase and signing.  Refreshments will be served.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE.  For more information, contact Sarah at 978-686-4080 x20 or